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Gridley Herald


Dear Neighbor,

The Gridley Herald is a community-oriented newspaper produced and distributed to serve readers primarily in Gridley, Live Oak, Biggs, and its surrounding areas. We will bring our readers general local news stories, local business news, special announcements, news on events, local commentaries and editorials, church news, entertainment listings, seniors news, local sports, volunteer news, syndicated columnists, cartoons, and games.

Our distribution is by U.S. Mail, home delivery by adult contracted carrier, and approximately 75 locations, (i.e. newsstands, retailers, and restaurants). We believe we must provide the best possible distribution to serve our advertisers, helping them to thrive within these communities.

If there is ever a problem, either with an advertisement, a story, or editorial, or even distribution, it will be handled promptly and courteously, as customer service is what keeps people loyal to a local publication.

We hope you will invest in our publication, either by advertising or by subscribing. Your support is what makes it possible to give the community what it really wants in a hometown newspaper.

Paul V. Scholl, Publisher