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McKinley Discovers FFA

May 31, 2024 12:24PM ● By Seti Long, photos by Seti Long

GHS FFA Students teach kindergarten and first graders about pollination using cheese balls. Pictured left to right (back): Billy Routon, Annie Woods, Gracie Yost, and Ellie Woods.

GRIDLEY, CA (MPG) – Recently, GHS FFA set up their pop-ups outside of McKinley Elementary School and invited the kindergarten and first-grade classes to discover Ag.

Ag Discovery Day helps introduce younger students to the importance of agriculture which is pivotal to our community’s success.

At the most recent event, students cycled through four stations, learning about animal byproducts, pollination, animal identification and simply getting some exposure to small farm animals like GHS’s pygmy goat and an FFA students market sheep.

Kindergarten and first grade students got to pet GHS FFA student’s sheep and the school’s pygmy goats as they learned about agriculture at Ag Discovery Day. 

For example, FFA students Ellie and Annie Woods taught students about pollination using cheese balls.

Kindergarteners easily absorbed how pollen was transmitted via the example of cheese dust. The orange dust stuck to their hands and was transmitted by touching a white piece of paper.

GHS’s Billy Routon shared with the Herald that Ag Discovery Days such as this are important because it can show youth that “there’s different things in agriculture that can appeal to you” and that Ag has a lot to offer as a future career.

The high school visits the campus once a year to educate students on Ag opportunities and age-appropriate animal facts.