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Roadway Adjustments to Benefit Schools and New Housing Developments Given the Green Light

May 31, 2024 12:06PM ● By Melody McDowell

GRIDLEY, CA (MPG) – Monthly collaboration meetings between city and school officials this year are yielding fruit. After a recent group tour of campus and roadway needs and existing structures, the Gridley City Council has approved an abandonment of city right-of-way through the section of Vermont Street that passes between Sycamore Middle School and McKinley Primary School.

Community members are accustomed to seeing this section of roadway gated and locked during school hours, but the City Council’s determination this week will make it possible for this section of the road to be permanently secured by the school as soon as this summer.

This is expected to increase safety and mobility of students (between the McKinley campus and the cafeteria) in the short term, as well as eventually provide space to expand McKinley’s facilities.

Also passed at the May 20 meeting of the City Council was the acquisition of right-of-way (to the City) for the purpose of extending Laurel Street. This, too, is a joint movement of the City of Gridley and Gridley Unified School District, as the extension of Laurel Street past the juncture at Randolph Street will facilitate future school expansion projects as well as provide necessary street access to three new housing developments planned in that area: the Pacific Flyway, Edler Estates, and Gridley Homes.

Approved with minimal discussion were the minutes of the May 6 meeting, a resolution to correct the title of the Outdoor Equity grants program to Gridley MVP Outdoor Program, the FY 2023/24 Street Reports contract with the State Controller’s Office, and the extension of the contract deadline (from June 30 to December 31 of this year) for the Butte County Developmental Services contract.

The Council unanimously approved the purchase of a new lawnmower for the Heron Landing and Eagle Meadows Maintenance Districts and voted to engage services of CPM Commercial Pump & Mechanical Inc. to complete an emergency well repair in Eagle Meadows.

On the heels of last meeting’s discussion about maintenance agreements with Caltrans, a resolution was submitted at this meeting for a maintenance agreement specific to the area in front of the new Orchard View Apartments I, which are scheduled for completion by the end of this year.

It was noted by the Council that the Caltrans plans for pedestrian improvements in that area do not currently include a signalized intersection. This was of concern, due to the increase in foot traffic expected in the vicinity. The Council voted to approve the maintenance agreement, with direction to the City Administrator and City Engineer that a letter be written to address this concern with Caltrans and explore 1) the feasibility of adding a signalized intersection to the plans and 2) the potential for any adjustment to previously discussed replacement of the old water main pipe that must take place prior to the larger highway project.

Attorney Tony Galyean concluded the public portion of the May 20 meeting with his review of resources available to appropriately abate the abandoned properties at 110 Virginia Street and 390 Virginia Street. He recommended utilizing Jones Mayer PLC, a law firm specializing in the type of Health & Safety Code Receiverships that appear to be the City’s best option.

The Council voted 5-0 to approve a resolution that authorizes the City Administrator to enter into a Legal Services Fee Agreement with Jones Mayer PLC in order to pursue a formal Health & Safety Code Receivership for the abatement of both properties.