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In the Name of Unjustice, Guilty!

May 24, 2024 04:37PM ● By Seti Long, photos by Seti Long

Unjustice Court officials stand, left to right: Court Booking Officer Annette Boone, Gridley Police Department Officer Carson, Court Clerk Lynne Spencer, Court Judge and Gridley Police Department’s Todd Farr,  Booking Clerk Angie Cote

GRIDLEY, CA (MPG) - Gridley Area Chamber of Commerce reports that the 2024 Unjustice Court was successful in bringing in the wanted, both funds and offenders.

Friday, May 17, firefighters from the Gridley Fire Department and other volunteers were out rounding up suspects with Unjustice Court warrants. These warrants would list the unsuspecting persons whereabouts, best time to arrest them, and their offense.

Offenses were often goofy, such as the following, actual crime reported to Unjustice Court officials: “twerking too much in the hallways”.

Upon arriving at Unjustice Court, the guilty would be taken in by “arresting officer” Melissa Contant of Butte County Fire and “judge” Todd Farr of Gridley Police Department would assess them a fee to pay or be jailed. Those evading arrest would be assessed a double fine when finally captured.

This poor soul was arrested and thrown in the Unjustice Court Jail after his booking photo.

Gridley Area Chamber of Commerce President and “court clerk” Lynne Spencer said that Gridley Public Works Director Ross Pippit was a perfect example. He had been evading arrest for two years and Spencer reported there was a $200 fine associated with the man.

Once caught and sentenced Angie Cote would capture their joy with a quick mug shot and “booking officer” Annette Boone would throw them in the slammer.

Although some in jail were waiting for their friends, family or coworkers to post their hefty bail, there was plenty of laughter and smiles. While they waited the guilty were treated to a free lunch of pizza courtesy of Our Town Pizzeria.

Indeed, those participating were witnessed getting good laughs out of the wild “offenses” one another were arrested for and enjoying the opportunity to visit and have a quick lunch while helping support our local chamber.