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Orchard View Going Up Fast

Apr 17, 2024 03:33PM ● By Seti Long, photos by Seti Long
Construction workers are working hard to build the apartments. 

GRIDLEY, CA (MPG) - Despite a rainy start to 2024, construction on Orchard View Apartments is going quickly.

The site of the future Orchard View Apartments, located on the on the west side of Highway 99 across from Archer Ave on the south side of Gridley has been a flurry of activity and construction since Phase 1 of the apartment complex began.

According to City Planning Commissioner Donna Decker, Orchard View apartments is a three-phase development. The community is now witnessing the construction of Phase 1, which will bring 48 housing units to Gridley.

Phase 2 is soon to follow. Although plans for Phase 2 have been submitted and approved by City Council, development has not begun and won’t for a little bit longer according to Decker.  Phase 2 of the apartment complex will be situated behind and to the west of the current construction.

Decker tells the Herald that construction of Phase 3 is still in the concept planning stage, but that Gridley can look forward to that being submitted to Council for review and approval in the future. It is hoped that Phase 3 will bring an additional 20 units to the public for future housing needs.

Orchard View will be an affordable multifamily development that will serve income levels of 30% to 60% of the Butte County medium income.

At this time, there is no completion date, but Decker hopes that Phase 1 will see construction wrap up by the end of the year.

Orchard View Apartments Phase 1

 Phase 1 of Orchard View Apartments is going up fast.