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Gridley City Council Meeting

Jan 24, 2024 03:42PM ● By Teri Saya

GRIDLEY, CA (MPG) - In the evening of Tuesday, January 16th, The Gridley City Council conducted their regular meeting. The public was invited to attend and participate. As of January 13th, the agenda was posted and available for public viewing at City Hall at 685 Kentucky St. as well as online at

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Mike Farr. In attendance were Vice Mayor Bruce Johnson, City Councilmembers James Roberts, J Angel Calderon, and Catalina Sanchez.

There was a swearing in of two new city employees, Elisa Arteaga as city administrator and Martin Pineda as finance director.

Next was a community participation forum where any public citizen had the chance to address the council with a three-minute presentation not pertaining to agenda matters. No one came forward.

The consent agenda, which included the December 18th City Council minutes, the December 2023 expenditure report, and the reappointment of Planning Commissioners Ken Wolfe and Maria Espino, were voted upon and unanimously accepted.

Items for consideration included a resolution of the Gridley City Council appointing representatives and an alternate representative for the Northern California Cities Self Insurance Fund (NCCSIF), a review and approval of fiscal year 20-21 audit reports, and a reinvestment of certificate of deposits.

Brad Bartellos of MUN CPAs auditing firm in Sacramento joined the meeting via Zoom to discuss the 20-21 audit. The 2020 and 2021 audit reports had been delayed due to COVID-19, information changes and staff availability. The audit was completed in December 2023. Other than being delayed, all audits had been consistent. This report was approved and accepted unanimously.

The Finance Director, Martin Pineda, recommended a CD reinvest in a three-year option at a 4.1% interest rate that is FDIC insured. He explained that the two-year option is at a slightly higher interest, but if the feds cut the percentage rate much lower after two years, then at least with the three year option, it’s locked in at 4.1%. This recommendation was approved and accepted unanimously.

The Gridley City Council meeting adjourned until February 5, 2024.