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Smiles at Lost and Found!

Dec 21, 2023 12:31PM ● By Seti Long

CALFIRE Butte Unit/Gridley Fire Department makes a special delivery for Santa. Pictured left to right: Zach Downing, Adam Sharrock, Seraphina (Sera) Sharrock, Carrina and Scarlett Sharrock, and Perry Nunez. Photo courtesy of Adam Sharrock

GRIDLEY, CA (MPG) - Recently, a special little elf went missing.

At the Gridley Area Chamber of Commerce’s Winter Wonderland and Parade of Lights, a well-loved elf disappeared. Despite the efforts of the little girl’s family and the community to find it by sharing pictures of the lost elf on Facebook, little Carrina Sharrock’s elf remained missing.

As many know, Santa has been visiting the area, working with CALFIRE to tour our communities and heard about the missing elf and heartbroken girl.

According to CALFIRE/Gridley Fire Department, Kris Kringle asked Station 74 to help.

Since the elf had vanished, a new elf was selected for the little girl by Santa. It arrived at the Sharrock home via special delivery thanks to CALFIRE Station 74.

Carrina smiles as she holds tight to her new elf and rocks a CALFIRE fireman’s hat! Photo courtesy of Adam Sharrock

CALFIRE/Gridley Fire Department’s Zach Downing said, “As a community service organization, any opportunity to positively impact the citizens we serve is important to us. We are grateful that we were able to help the family.” He added, “Honestly, the look of joy on her face is why we all do what we do.”

Carrina and her family gratefully accepted the new elf into their family. Her father Adam Sharrock said that his daughter was obviously upset when she lost her elf, but that he and his wife Seraphin wanted to turn the event into a learning experience for their child.

“If it was found, we would’ve explained how great of a community we have. Obviously, the fire department doing what they did hit that point right out of the park. We all are eternally grateful to them for taking the time out of their day to do something like this.” He continues, “It was certainly touching and renewed my faith in humanity.”