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Superintendent’s Official Statement for Immediate Release

Nov 13, 2023 02:52PM ● By GUSD Superintendent Justin Kern

 GUSD Superintendent Justin Kern 

The following represents the Gridley Unified School District’s official statement regarding the ongoing investigation leading to the arrest of a district employee this morning. First, I appreciate the ongoing efforts of the Gridley Police Department, the Butte County District Attorney’s Office, and our Human Resources Office as they have methodically and carefully examined this case. Further I would like to acknowledge that the employee in question has been on Administrative Leave since the initial allegation of unprofessional conduct was made known.

The Gridley Unified School District takes matters of this nature with the utmost seriousness and promptly reported the allegations to the appropriate external authorities, including law enforcement, and have been actively cooperating with the appropriate agencies since the initial report. While I cannot provide further comments on an ongoing investigation or active personnel matters, it is essential to emphasize the gravity of these allegations and charges. While we refrain from making premature judgments about the actions of the staff member facing prosecution, it is crucial to reiterate the district’s stance against any inappropriate contact between a district employee and a student. Such behavior will NOT be tolerated. I recognize this situation may have consequences that extend beyond those directly involved, especially within our close-knit community. I kindly request that everyone respects the ongoing process. Engaging in rumors, speculation, or conducting unofficial judicial proceedings on social media is counterproductive and disrespectful. Such behavior only exacerbates the trauma and stress experienced by those affected and can have a negative impact on our educational community beyond the scope of the investigation.

Finally, I am shattered to have to address a situation of this nature. Such actions outlined in the charges filed undermine and erode confidence in our schools and with our staff, while causing a great disruption in many personal relationships throughout our community. With that said, the safety and well-being of children will always be the primary concern of this District and appropriate measures will be taken to ensure this priority is addressed.


Justin Kern