Two seats are open for the Gridley City Council and five candidates submitted their necessary papers by the August 10, 2018 deadline. Looking to have a seat on the Council are Incumbent Ray Borges, Todd Farr, Incumbent Bruce Johnson, Beverley Miles, Margie Tidwell and Robert Wise.

The Biggs City Council has three openings with Brian Bassett, John Busch and Incumbents James T. Sheppard and Angela Thompson seeking a seat in the November 6 election.

The Live Oak City Council has three openings with Incumbent Jason Banks, John P. Brown, Jeramy Chapdelaine, Rick L. Dais, Luis Hernandez, Nancy Santana, J.R. Thiara and Bob Woten submitting applications.

A Candidates Forum is planned for the Biggs and Gridley Council candidates on October 1, 2018 at the Gridley Branch Library, 299 E. Spruce Street.