Deciding he was ready for a new career, Mike Huyck (pronounced Houck) left Pleasant Valley High School after 25 years as a mathematics teacher to become the Vice Principal at Wilson Elementary School.

Following administrative classes at Chico State where he and his wife Connie live, Huyck is ready for this new chapter in his life and is happy he made the move.

His wife of 31 years is the Interim Executive Director of Housing at Chico State and they have two sons AJ, 23 and Sean, 22 and a nine-month-old grandson.

Huyck remarked the staff at Wilson has been very welcoming since his first day on August 1 and that it feels like family, like he has always been there.

Gridley Unified is not unique to Huyck as he has worked for the district before. In 1989, Huyck coached the high school wrestling team under Athletic Director Doug Kaelin. Two years later, Huyck was a long term sub at the high school teaching math.

"I found out then this is a great community. They were great kids. I've known Gridley a long time even though I haven't been here in awhile. I am excited to be here and I can't wait for the kids to get here," he stated.

Of course, as a Green Bay Packer fan, once hearing Huyck taught at Pleasant Valley, I had to ask if he had Aaron Rodgers as a student and he said he taught him his freshman year. He also said he was very proud of the man Rodgers has become remembering where his roots are and being so supportive of Chico schools financially.

In one of those, "small world" instances, Huyck said he found out that Aaron's Dad Ed played football in high school with his brother and his cousin in Lompoc where they all grew up and that they graduated at the same time. Huyck knows a thing or two about football. The football stadium in Lompoc is named after his grandfather.

Huyck said his dream is to attend a Notre Dame game on a Saturday and a Green Bay Packers game on a Sunday in Lambeau Field to watch a certain quarterback he has known for a long time.

It's no wonder Huyck has been welcomed so graciously by the school staff, just wait until the kids arrive August 27.