A reader shared a snail story with me. This made me think that others might have snail tales to share. If you do, send them to me at <beeeott@gmail.com> I will not use your name. This story has an interesting experiment within its’ structure. It is directly quoted from the source.

“I too have been amazed by snails. Their homing instinct amazes me. I have thrown them over the ditch and way out back by our pond. I would swear it was the same snails coming back. I painted color nail polish on them and sure enough they were finding their way back over a great distance. My husband was surprised because he came in one night and said, “I found a bright print on a snail plugging its’ way back from the pond.” That was 125 yards from where I removed it from my flower bed. So, they have a great homing instinct!”
This reader’s story was very validating, it was wonderful to find out that I was not alone in the world with my observations of garden snails and their nefarious ways. Join us in exposing these critters. I’ll print your observations if you share them.