Green Thumb Garden Club had a successful plant sale during Red Suspenders’ Day. We made enough money to keep our Horticulture scholarship going. All of the customers were wonderful to talk to. I always like talking to plant people about plants...their eyes do not glaze over with boredom. Instead their eyes light up with excitement and happiness.

This year we invited the horticulture class at Gridley High School to bring plants and sell them at our booth. It was wonderful to meet young people who loved the plants as much as we do. They did well with their sales. This money will help improve their projects. It is the beginning of a wonderful relationship.

It is a great relief for me to have no baby plants (almost none) to watch out for and help to thrive. I’m done for now with making cuttings. When fall rolls around I’ll be ready again.

I’ve decided that the curly tansy I was going to thin out is being taken totally out. It is a wonderful plant that invades everywhere with a tangle of thick roots...hard to remove. No more, it isn’t that beautiful.