Ann Dempsey joined the Manzanita Elementary Family 18 years ago. For the last 18 years she has shaped the lives of hundreds of children. Ann enters her classroom every morning with a beaming smile and an open heart and her students thrive in the warm, genuine, loving environment she provides for them.

Ann is truly gifted and sees each child's strengths and just where that child needs a little extra push. She then gently nudges until the child understands the concept being taught and then celebrates their accomplishments wholeheartedly.

Ann understands that kindergarten is pivotal in the success of students making their kindergarten year one where they develop that love of learning. Consequently, her students are eager to enter her classroom and look forward to each and everyday they get to spend with their beloved Mrs. Dempsey. Thank you Ann from all of us who have had the pleasure and gift of working with you, and from the families and students who were blessed to be in your class. We all love you.