During last Wednesday's Gridley Unified School Board meeting, principals of each school presented their extensive safety plans which are required to be developed as outlined by Education Code #32280 et. al., for California. Each school principal provided the required update which is available at each school site for review by the public.

"The plans provide foundation and guidance in establishing a safe educational environment on the campuses of the Gridley Unified School District," the staff report read.

All of the comprehensive plans include: appropriate programs and strategies that provide school safety, child abuse reporting procedures, policy for notifying teachers of dangerous pupils, discrimination and harassment policy, school-wide dress code, safe ingress and egress procedures, ensuring a safe and orderly environment, discipline procedures and disaster procedures.

Each of the plans also include scenarios of every description imaginable such as risk of explosion, code red lockdown, fire on school grounds, flooding, suspected contamination of food or water loss or failure of utilities and aircraft crash.

Principals stated walk-thrus by staff are customary with High School Principal Justin Kern telling board members constant walk-thrus are done with all window coverings being addressed.

"We are up to speed with window coverings, block locks are operational, we have replaced doors and updated phone access," he stated.

Though all Gridley Schools staff has received training, Kern stated he is talking with the Gridley-Biggs Police Department about more training.

"This is on the forefront of everyone's minds," Kern stated in reference to the February 15 killing of 17 people in Parkland, Florida by an active shooter who has confessed to the shootings.

"Lt. Smallwood has Risk and Vulnerable Assessment Program coming to Biggs and Gridley schools next month," he stated.

Board members approved the updated Comprehensive School Safety Plans.

In other matters, board members approved a revised classified job description for the Director of Maintenance, Operations and Transportation.