In order to bring the Gridley Unified School District Board Policies Manual up to date a first reading of the revised policy 3513.4 Drug and Alcohol Free Schools was read during the February 21, 2018 board meeting.

The current board policy manual will allow the district to adhere to Ed Code and have policies and procedures in place that allow district staff to provide quality services to the students.

"In January the State of California approved cannabis use. We did not have cannabis included in our policy. We do have people on campus who could bring cannabis into the cafeteria, our hallways but we are banning. This would jeopardize our California School Boards Association if cannabis were allowed," Superintendent Jordan Reeves told the board.

It was noted by Trustee Brandon Oakley that the cannabis possession is like alcohol on a school campus, a violation of the health and safety section of the policy manual.

"There are many forms of cannabis, such as edibles. It is not just somebody lighting up, it is consumption also," he stated.

High School Principal Justin Kern told the board that first time offenders would be recommended for a treatment plan; second offenses required treatment.

"We are finding out what is available in Butte County for resources so we can provide this information to the parents to guide our students who are struggling. We want to make sure we are deterring use," he stated.

The report to the board stated, "New policy prohibits the possession, use or sale of drugs or alcohol by any person on district property and addresses enforcement and discipline for violations of this policy. Policy also reflects NEW LAW (Proposition 64, 2016) which prohibits any person from possessing, smoking, or ingesting cannabis on school grounds while children are present."