Students of Biggs Middle School attended a very informative assembly Tuesday presented by Soren Bennick Production's "The Power of One." The elementary students were included in a series of skits depicting bullying and what to do about it. The actors used colored boxes of different heights for five students to stand on and portray bullying and those at the receiving end.

The difference between the roles of bullying were explained as far as the bully, the target, the bystander and the upstander with different types of bullying acted out such as cyber bullying, physical, verbal and exclusion. Students were taught that targets need help and shown how to be upstanders rather than bystanders.

Students were interested and were very respectful as the actors and their fellow students portrayed the different scenes explaining the danger of starting rumors, excluding a person and using Instagram or twitter to post pictures to make fun of others.

When the students were asked how many of them have access to Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook 99 percent of the hands went up.

"You might not think cyber bullying is serious, but it is," the students were told. "Group bullying is serious whether a person is given a nickname or not chosen for a team. The target feels completely isolated."

Steps were given to follow if someone feels like they are a target of bullying.

1. Determine if you are being bullied.

2. Tell the bully how it hurts.

3. If bullying does not stop, report to an adult or teacher.

4. Find out what steps the teacher or adult is taking to help.

The message of "The Power of One" is "report and deal with bullying when you see it. Don't be a bystander. Bystanders are as guilty as bullies and you can make a difference.

Over three million students have been impacted positively by this program with this performance in over 9,000 schools to date.

Solutions are provided as far as reporting, intervening and assisting the target and the need for individuals to take action to make their community a safer, better place.

The Power of One Oath reads, "I will not bully others. I will not stand by while others are bullied. I will report and deal with bullying whenever I see it...because I have The Power of One."