Here's an opportunity for you!

* Make a contribution to wildlife

* Gain Experience working directly with wildlife

* Participate in the largest volunteer nest box monitoring program in the state

* Become park of the Gray Lodge family of volunteers and staff

* Experience the beauty of Gray Lodge's remote areas

Here's your chance to contribute back to the wildlife. Gray Lodge WA is seeking volunteers, ages 18 and older, to take part in its annual Wood Duck Nest Box Program. Working closely with a section leader, you will help maintain habitat and experience wildlife up close. Don't miss this unique opportunity.

Crews of two or three collect detailed data, used to understand and enhance the local wood duck population and other wildlife, including wrens, flycatchers and owls. Don't let these extraordinary moments pass you by. Although the work can be challenging at times, this remains one of our most popular volunteer opportunities.

Maintenance checks are conducted bi-weekly mornings, from April to July. Most section checks take three to four hours. Located in West Gridley, on Rutherford Road, just north of the Sutter Buttes. To request more information, call 530-846-7505.

Orientation workshop will be held on Saturday, March 10, 2018, from 9a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Wear comfortable clothes. A few boxes will be checked at the end of Orientation.

Space is limited, make your reservation today! 530-846-7505 or email