Disclaimer: The Gridley Herald office is located within a city block of 912 Hazel Street; the Publisher is a board member of the Gridley Museum and Orchard Hospital Foundation.

Gridley Planning Commissioners approved a conditional use permit to allow residential use at 912 Hazel Street Monday night.

Commissioner Ishrat Khan and Vice Chair Maria Espino expressed many concerns following the Public Hearing portion of the meeting mainly questioning when the Hometown Clinic is open. Both mentioned the office always appears to be closed and Commissioner Khan sited concerns for the health and safety in particular for the Gridley Museum right next door.

Commissioner Khan stated, " I saw notices on her door and a Sheriff knocking on her door today," backing her statement that she wonders when the clinic is open.

"Is there to be a firewall? I am concerned for the safety of the museum," she stated.

Concerns were brought up regarding Gridley no longer having their own building department and the possibility of Butte County Planning being able to gain access to inspect in regards to a building permit.

Conditions of approval submitted by Decker included:

1. The approved use for CUP (Conditional Use Permit) 1-18 shall be substantially as described within this staff report, submitted site plans, narratives, and applications on file in City Hall except as modified by the following conditions. Minor changes to the use, areas, and etc., shall be subject to the review and approval by the Planning Department. Staff may recommend changes to be reviewed by the Planning Commission.

2. The applicant/property owner shall file a Declaration of Acceptance of the Final Conditions of Approval within 30 days of Planning Commission approval.

3. The applicant/owner shall arrange to have Gridley Electric inspect the electrical at the site to insure they meet the current standards for the primary and second units established at such time to ensure the proper loads and metering are in place.

4. A building permit is required prior to any work being performed at site. An application will be submitted to Butte County for the permit.

5. The residential unit is limited to 750 square feet of building area. The applicant will need to pay development impact fees and school fees as required at the time of building permit issuance.

Once the vote was taken with Commissioner Khan and Vice Chair Espino casting no votes, Commissioner Ken Wolfe and Vice Chair Espino stated they had not read the article regarding Dr. Hannah Rhee in the January 19, 2018 in the Gridley Herald because they did not want to be influenced in their vote.

The article reports that the California Medical Board has filed an accusation to remove the medical license of Rhee with the California Attorney General with eight complaints under Cause for Action (Mental or Medical Condition Affecting Competency)which were listed in the January 19, 2018 Gridley Herald front page article.

Under the 20 Causes For Discipline (Gross Negligence, and Repeated Acts of Negligence) a total of nine patients complaints were described including the fact that on or about July 28, 2017, the California Medical Board issued an order compelling Rhee to undergo a mental evaluation.

"On or about August 18, 2017, Respondent was evaluated by a Board-certified psychiatrist who concluded that Respondent exhibits paranoid thoughts, which fit within a persecutory delusional disorder. Based on the materials provided to him, and his interview with Respondent, he found that many of Respondent's paranoid delusional thoughts are attributed to medical institutions. Given that a physician is required to accurately interpret reality in the medical field in order to practice medicine safely, he concluded that Respondent presently suffers from paranoia which could substantially impair her ability to safely practice medicine and that the public is in danger if Respondent is permitted to continue to practice medicine."