There is no a better way to celebrate the 100th day of school than reading and passing 100 Accelerated Reader tests with 95 percent accuracy. Zackary Granger loves to read and pushes himself within his reading range. The Accelerated Reader program allows readers to check the comprehension of books by taking a quiz on books that students have read. Zack is a third grade student in Mr. Stewart’s room at Luther Elementary School in Live Oak and is a model student. When asked where and when he reads, he said, “I read in the car on the way to baseball practice, I read when I’m in bed waiting for my brother to go to bed, and whenever I have the chance.” His favorite thing to do is read because it is fun. Zack says he spends a least an hour everyday reading. Mrs. Parveen Bains, Luther Elementary's principal is congratulating Zack on his accomplishment.