The weekend of June 1-3, 2018 will bring a first for Gridley and the Butte County Fairgrounds. The working name at this point is a Kiwi and Nut Festival which is being planned by the Butte County Fair staff but they are looking for all kinds of help especially from service organizations in bringing many different types of entertainment and activities to this weekend event. This would be the perfect location and time for a swap meet or a flea market, it just needs someone to organize it.

The fair staff is looking for different types of partners for this south county event whether it be businesses, promotors, service organizations. Every building, barn or area is available to meet the needs of whatever type of activity is proposed.

Although the rides will be different from the Butte County Fair, a carnival will be available for the kids especially.

A hobby show is a possibility with other types of activities such as a rugby competition, a car show, possibly a flea market but it is up to the volunteers who help to finalize the kinds of entertainment and activities that will be there.

Admission to the festival itself will be free. This event will be focused on things to see and do and the fair is looking for a few businesses or people to join them in the fun of planning this festival which is aimed to bring many people together. Any activities or groups do not have to sign up for all three days, it could be for just a day or two but all three would be much appreciated.

"Get your own reward from your own element," Fair CEO Steve Kenny explained.

Call Steve or Kathy at the fair office, 846-3626.