Tom Dermody, President of Field of Dreams, a non profit organization, spoke at the Butte County Veterans Council Meeting January 25, hosted at Veterans Memorial Hall in Gridley. The group takes any veteran (not just disabled veterans) from any branch of service who would like to go hunting or fishing

They are taken on a guided hunt and have taken veterans hunting to Africa, Australia and several other destinations. The organization is based out of Colusa and no expense is forwarded to the veteran at all. Airfare is paid and they supply all use of equipment for the hunting or fishing trip whether it be the rifle or shotgun, shells or fishing pole and lures. They have two big fund raisers a year to help support this service. Field of Dreams also offers taking the veterans grandchildren if a veteran has no interest but has a grandchild that has interest.They also hold Kids Fishing Day in Colusa and every kid goes home with a new fishing pole. They do not have enough veterans in the area utilizing this service and have been taking veterans from all over. Dermody stated he would like to see local vets on his hunts and fishing trips. For more information contact Tom Dermody 383-7819.