It was always Cal-Fire's Jamie Norton's goal to work locally in the town he has called home for 22 years and as of January 1, 2018 that goal has been met. Norton has worked for Cal-Fire 19 years, the past two years in Oroville. Before that he was stationed in Santa Clara, coming home to Gridley on the weekends to be with his wife Racquel and twins Grayson and Natasha.

Commuting long distance is something he was used to up until the past couple of years.

"I thought I did a good job balancing," Norton stated before declaring he knew he wasn't the boss at home like he was at work with a gleam in his eye and a big smile on his face.

That smile will be something those around him might see even more often now that he is working in Gridley and able to get involved in the community more.

Norton admitted the job in Gridley is great for his morale as he takes on the South Division Operations Chief title with his office at City Hall.

Norton grew up in Lake County and graduated from Butte College with a Fire Science Degree. The Norton's were married 25 years ago in Lake County.

Norton has coached different teams here in the past and looks forward to volunteering.

Though his job entails essentially the same responsibilities he feels he will have more time to devote to projects he wants to do with more active involvement.

Norton feels that Gridley will most likely be his last job before retirement and is excited that his career will come to an end here and he won't be commuting.

Norton's wife Racquel (Fabela) comes from a very large family with most of them living in this area and the Norton family enjoys the time spent with such a large extended family.