Gridley Unified School District and Manzanita School are offering a six week Nurtured Heart Parent Education Class which will begin in February as a training workshop for parents to recognize good things their kids are doing opposed to responding to the not so good things they may be doing.

"This will be focusing on what the children are doing right and the strategies of communicating this with children," Dr. Anthony Catalano Assistant Principal at Wilson School stated.

'"The energy goes to positive building relationships and will be offered for not only Gridley Unified parents but also Manzanita parents February 6, 13, 20, 27 and March 20 & 27," Darcy Pollak, Principal of Wilson School said.

The class is for parents only and will be offered from 6 to 8:30 p.m., at Wilson School. Parents will be coached by Kay Paden, owner of Heart Wired Consulting, and will get answers to questions from how brain development impacts behavior to frustrations with defiance or issues with bullying. Parents will learn how positive remarks work versus negative ones and the importance of giving encouragement to identify behavior and connect to character building.

Visit for more information on how this approach transforms lives.

The class is free to all Gridley Unified and Manzanita families and space is limited so please call 846-3675 to reserve your spot right away.