I'm sure many appreciate Bob Adams for his roofing expertise as they sit in their warm homes on a gloomy wet day without a leaky roof but it is probably safe to say many more appreciate his cooking expertise as they savor his delicious meals now being served at the Moose Lodge.

Cooking for Adams began in 1970 as a hobby when he picked up a cookbook on a trip to Napa and the rest his history. While working as a roofing contractor, Adams found he liked cooking and started out catering birthday parties in Sacramento.

His favorite food to cook is Chinese and he learned from the book "Chopsticks, Wok and Cleaver."

In 1989, Adams and his wife Connie opened The Still & Eatery in Live Oak which was open three years until the lease became unaffordable.

Adams was tending bar at the Pheasant Club in 2000 when he became Administrator at the Moose and decided to try the Tuesday Night Dinners in addition to the Friday Night Dinner.

On Tuesdays, Adams offers a special besides the regular menu of many choices from 6 to 8 p.m.

On the first Tuesday of the month, Adams offers BBQ ribs, the second Tuesday Friday Chicken, the third week Stuffed Pork Loin, the fourth week Corn Beef and Cabbage and when there is a fifth Tuesday such as this month, the menu changes and on January 30 Pork Chops will be served.