During Introductions of new hires for the Gridley-Biggs Police Department and the promotion of Lt. Scott Smallwood, the Gridley City Council met Officer Jared Cooley who comes to Gridley from the Oroville Police Department.

Officer Cooley attended the Butte College Police Academy before going to work for Oroville for nine years where he was a patrol officer, Butte Narcotics Task Force Detective, SFST's Instructor DRE instructor and recipient of the MADD Award numerous times.

Growing up in Oroville, Officer Cooley graduated from Las Plumas High School followed by serving a mission for the LDS Church when he learned to speak Spanish.

Following in his Dad's footsteps, (Lt. Dennis Cooley of the Butte County Sheriff's Office), Officer Cooley pursued a career in law enforcement when he returned from his mission.

He is married to Allyson and they have four children, Ember, Tristan, Lydia and Rowan.

His father and mother Belinda were in the audience to witness his oath of office.