A 27 page Accusation has been filed by California's Attorney General Xavier Becerra, before The Medical Board of California which lists Hanna Rhee, M.D. listed as the respondent.

The Cause For Action in the Accusation reads: "(Mental or Medical Condition Affecting Competency)."

"10. Respondent began working as a locum tenens physician at the Orchard Hospital Medical Specialty Center in Gridley, California, on our about March of 2015. During May of 2015, Orchard Hospital signed a three year employment contract with Respondent, but she resigned during investigation after only five months. During the five months that she was working at the Medical Specialty Center, there were a number of patient and staff complaints regarding her care and treatment of patients."

"11. On or about November 17, 2015, the Medical Board of California (Board) received a report under Business and Professions Code section 805 indicating that Respondent resigned her privileges at Orchard Hospital Medical Specialty Center in Gridley, California while an investigation was pending, and the resignation was effective September 17, 2015. The investigation was due to a number of patients and staff members registering complaints about Respondent's behavior and her ethical competence."

"12. On or about January 7, 2016, the Board received a letter from one of Respondent's former coworkers, a physician. The letter stated that he had left the Medical Specialty Center in Gridley, due in part to harassment from Respondent. He was writing to ensure that the hospital had reported her conduct to the Board and that the Board would be investigating her. He reported his belief that Respondent is an incompetent physician with possible psychiatric problems," the Cause For Action reads.

"13. The Board opened an investigation into the facts and circumstances surrounding Respondent's resignation while under investigation by Orchard Hospital Medical Specialty Center. During the investigation, Board investigators gathered documents and interviewed patients and staff. Several nurses and medical assistants who worked with Respondent reported that Respondent had a phobia of germs and refused to shake hands instead offering an "elbow bump" to greet others. The administrative staff of the Medical Specialty Center received several patient complaints that Respondent would not touch or examine them when they had appointments. A Medical Assistant who had worked with Respondent indicated that she never once observed Respondent touch a patient during an appointment. Several staff members reported that Respondent refused to see male, Hispanic patients after 4 p.m., or to perform genital examinations on male patients. Other physicians and nurse practitioners at the Medical Specialty Clinic reported Respondent failed to properly examine or treat patients for serious conditions requiring immediate medical attention. Instead, she would make new appointments for these patients with the other practitioners a few days after she had seen them in their initial appointments herself."

"15. Board investigators also learned that the staff at the Medical Specialty Center had observed Respondent displaying bizarre behaviors in her interactions with other staff members. For Example, the Chief of Staff reported that the Respondent often accused him and others of yelling at her despite everyone using a normal tone and volume of voice. In addition, he reported that Respondent had been spending nights in the clinic, even after being asked not to be present unless she was scheduled to work. He noted that she kept a bedroll and sleeping bag under her desk.

"16.The Director of the Medical Specialty Center reported that she had received complaints from several staff members that they caught Respondent going through their mail and listening surreptitiously at doors to conversations others were having. The Medical Director explained that when Respondent was confronted about this behavior she did not deny it. Respondent was counseled and issued a formal warning letter on or about August 5, 2015 for listening at doors to private conversations, going through other individuals' desks and mailboxes and accessing medical records of individuals who were not her patients in violation of privacy protections," the Cause For Action continued.

The report continues,

"17. On or about Sunday, August 29, 2015, approximately two weeks after the Chief of Staff had instructed Respondent not to be present at the facility when she was not scheduled to work, a strange incident occurred at the Medical Specialty Center. Respondent spoke to the Director by telephone reporting she felt unsafe because another physician present was threatening her. The Director explained that the physician was authorized to be at the facility, and Respondent was not authorized to be present, and Respondent should leave immediately. The Director required Respondent to verbalize that she was leaving the facility. Respondent did so. The Director then proceeded to the facility, without warning Respondent that she was going there. When the Director arrived approximately 20 minutes later, Respondent was still present in the building and claimed to be barricaded in her office for protection. The Director saw Respondent off the premises." the report stated.

"18. On or about July 28, 2017, the Board issued an order compelling Respondent to undergo a mental evaluation. On or about August 18, 2017, Respondent was evaluated by a Board-certified psychiatrist who concluded that Respondent exhibits paranoid thoughts, which fit within a delusional disorder. Based on the materials provided to him, and his interview with Respondent, he found that many of Respondent's paranoid delusional thoughts are attributed to medical institutions. Given that a physician is required to accurately interpret reality in the medical field in order to practice medicine safely, he concluded that Respondent presently suffers from paranoia which could substantially impair her ability to safely practice medicine and that the public is in danger if Respondent is permitted to continue to practice medicine."

Upon leaving the Medical Specialty Center, Dr. Hannah Rhee opened her own clinic at 912 Hazel Street in Gridley.

On January 12, 2018, a Public Notice appearing in The City of Gridley states Dr. Rhee filed a Conditional Use Permit for residential use in the commercial downtown district. The Gridley Planning Commission will hold a Public Hearing on this matter Monday, January 22, 2018 at 6 p.m.

A complete copy of the Accusation by the Attorney General can be viewed at www.mbc.ca.gov/licensesearch.