A request by NorCal Investors, Inc., resulted in a Public Hearing held Tuesday at Biggs Council Chambers to divide two parcels on 10th Street. Council members approved the creation of two lots of approximately 8,500 sq. ft. each. The parcel is located in the R-2, Medium Density zoning district and the minimum lot size in the R-2 zone is 7,200 square feet.

Before the Public Hearing was conducted the Council adopted a resolution so that the project is Categorically Exempt from review under the California Environmental Quality Act.

Planning Director David Young of Michael Baker International asked that Council issue an RPF for Phase I Environmental Assessment for the No. 1 for Water Tank Environmental Documentation to e included in the Mitigated Negative Declaration. Phase 1 Environmental Services and supporting documentation for the project is estimated to be between $1,200 and $2,000, basically a records search, according to Campos.

Minimum lot sizes in the R-1 and R-2 zoning districts were discussed by Council to reduce the minimal lot size which would require City Code updates.

Campos reported on ADU law changes to SB1069, AB2299 and S1069 in regards to secondary dwelling units.

Councilman Roger Frith asked for a study session before giving staff direction.

City Engineer Trin Campos of Bennett Engineering gave engineering updates on Phase II of the Waste Water Treatment Plant stating the second reimbursement from SRF is expected soon. Construction is to begin April 1, 2018 with funding approved by SRF. A new deadline extension is to be discussed.

Campos told Council that a letter was received in December regarding violations that are under review for the Sixth Street Bridge project. The city received approval from Cal Trans for extra expenses in the amount of $130,176 through a litigator.

"This should cover most of it, really close," Campos stated. He told council $25,000 in expenses is not reimbursable.

Reporting on the Biggs Park Improvement Project, Campos reported that the city-owned house is now gone and that an RFQ is out for contract to design and build park improvements, (such as the restrooms).

"Construction will be completed by May 31, 2018. With a June 31, 218 project deadline, this gives leeway for available grant money," he stated.

Biggs received a grant of $406,000 for the park project and with the remove of the house, the amount is now at $350,000 left to spend.

Chief of Police Dean Price told Council members the department is going through reorganization with promotions being made such as Sgt. Scott Smallwood who was promoted to Lieutenant effective January 1 and will be recognized during a short presentation at the Gridley City Council January 16, 2018 6 p.m., meeting. Officers who have been assigned to police corporals and department detective will be recognized at the February 5, 2018 meeting. Chief Price assured the Council that patrol will remain the same in Biggs regardless of promotions being made.