In what could have been an adjourned meeting due to no quorum at the November 1, 2017 regular meeting of the Live Oak City Council, the two presentations scheduled continued rather than waste the speaker's time.

Mayor Jason Banks and Vice Mayor Aleks Tica were in attendance and the mayor apologized to audience members that an official meeting could not be held with three Council members not in attendance.

David Read, Executive Director of the Yuba Sutter Arts Council reported on the mural program currently underway explaining that he has worked with Live Oak the past two years and four murals have been completed so far - at the El Bajio Market, Broadway Lounge, the Little League field and Live Oak Pharmacy on the back wall facing Broadway Street.

Before all is said and done, Mayor Banks explained, Live Oak will have a mural guide resembling a passport to encourage people to see all murals, almost like a scavenger hunt.

Read displayed a 1920's photograph of Live Oak depicted by Artist Stephanie Cellier which graces the north wall of the Broadway Lounge along with a rendition of "Anybody's Game" by Leslie Greenetz which can be seen at the Little League field near the Community Center. Other murals such as "Live Oak 1947" at El Bajio Market by Leslie Greenetz and "Railroading Away," by Raphael Blanco were shown to those in attendance, the first to be done for the project.

"A number of Live Oak kids came out after school during the creation of the mural," Read told the Mayor and Vice Mayor.

Read explained that any money spent will be a dollar for dollar match with the City of Live Oak in the three year project which is set for $120,000 total.

A total of $26,450 has been spent to date.

The average cost of a mural is $8 per square foot according to Read.

"There are a lot of new buildings in town interested in murals. We are looking for direction from the mural committee. Ideas are based on photos found at the library. We have a picture of Mrs. Hedger the first telephone operator which is a natural location at the old AT&T office behind City Hall possibly," Read said.

Read is also looking at the large corrugated building on Pennington near O Street as a location.

Read displayed pictures of old fruit and vegetable labels, explaining he is looking for actual Live Oak labels as he would love to use them for ideas of a mural with crop dusters spraying the fields.

Read is currently working with the Sutter County Librarian regarding the next possible location being the Sutter County Library on Highway 99 with a concept by Rebecca Wallace, Professional Artist and Yuba College instructor.

Read told the Mayor, Vice Mayor and City staff he is considering the City water tank as another mural location which is about 35 feet tall, mainly visible from park side.

He would like to see a rendering of Beale AFB provided.

"Their economic impact to this area is significant. Nearly $600 million economy trickles down to the entire area from Beale," Read stated.

"Certainly Live Oak benefits. Read showed a basic concept with the U2, without the oak tree that would need to be included to depict Live Oak's logo.

"This would be a 20x65 foot mural project for next year possibly. It would be a show stopper," he concluded.

Each of the 30 murals in Live Oak will bear a plaque.

Read would like to see agricultural heritage, Native Americans, river life, wildlife, included in future murals and the mural committee is looking for other ideas.

Vice Mayor Tica thanked Reed and expressed his appreciation for the murals completed and those coming up next year.

Mayor Banks thanked Read and his staff for an excellent job.

"I had hoped to see this come to fruition and this far outdoes what I had in mind. These murals far exceed what I thought it would be quite frankly, professional, quality, site selection and mural selection. Thank you from the citizens of Live Oak. This makes our lives more interesting. It is something we take in very day but also brings travelers to our community. This gives us opportunity to benefit, moving towards an event maybe for a weekend where we invite people to find hidden artwork, have vendors to participate," the Mayor stated.

"We are working hard to have more bike trails, pedestrian trails. I have ambitions to have a bike trail from here to Yuba City, maybe to the Buttes, could leverage into this unveiling. A bike event would mean more people, greater benefit for our local businesses," the Mayor concluded.