Growing up in Yuba City, Ashley Dedeker does not have to travel far for her job at Orchard Hospital as the Lead Technologist in the Radiology Department.

After graduating from High School Dedeker completed her  prerequisite courses  at Butte and Yuba Colleges before entering a two year X-ray Program at Antelope Valley College.

Calling herself a small town girl, she is happy she is not working where she would have to commute to a big city.

Her parents live in Yuba City, her Mom works at River Valley High School and her Dad just retired from the Department of Water Resources.

In her spare time, Dedeker enjoys spending time with her family and her boyfriend.

The thing she likes most about working at Orchard is the small town feel of seeing familiar faces and remembering the history of some of her patients.

Her bright and shiny smile is of course always nice to see in the hallways as she is a very bubbly, happy gal.

"Everyone is friendly, kind and inviting here. This is such a good source for people in the area. My family prefers to come here for procedures rather than stay in the Yuba City/Marysville area.

"If someone is sick they won't want to have to travel far. Highway 99 isn't the safest highway to travel," she stated.

As a Lead Technologist, Dedeker performs many daily duties, diagnostic exams, performs many of the same duties as a Technologist but has more of a paperwork process to go through.

She is currently being introduced to managerial duties and likes to work with the patients.

"I am happy to know I can still do patient care to try to make a difference in a person's day who isn't feeling well," she explained.

"I am happy people choose Orchard Hospital for their care," she stated.

Dedeker is excited about a new hospital being planned which will be beneficial for the community with so much more to offer.

"The new hospital will of course mean more services," she said.

Impressed with the services that the 45 bed hospital does offer such as CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Mammography and new digital equipment that is up to so many standards because many hospital's don't even have digital equipment.

"We are evolving and it is amazing to see these kinds of services," she said.