“Yay. Butte County Fair is almost here.”

“Yay. It is only going to be a hundred degrees in the sun.”

“Yay. Mommie- I’m having so much fun, I didn’t realize I have second degree burns on my tender hands from riding this wonderful ride in the hundred degree weather.

The fact is, during the day, it does get hot at the fair. The sun beats down on those rides; the metal gets hot and can burn some of those young fair goers. Make sure to protect those little tykes from that hot metal. You may just want to wait till the sun starts going down; it doesn’t have to be gone, just not glaring on the metal on those wild ride where the little ones are going to sit or hold onto.

The heat of the day can also dehydrate those little ones, and the elderly alike. There are plenty of places to buy bottled water. Oh sure, bottled water sounds so boring when there is lemon-aid, soda and I’m sure, power drinks somewhere. Sure enough, water is the best thing for you while it’s hot. When the sun goes down, okay, enjoy those other drinks like- milk shakes, cola or root beer, and a good old glass of cold iced tea (made with mostly water and no sugar). (I’m sure there will be people looking for those dehydrating adult beverages too during this hot weather).

And don’t go buying those new shoes for school, and tell the kids to break them in at the fair. Those kids are going to walk everywhere with you parents- into the horse and cow barn, into the Flower Bowl, around the rides, through the Feather Room, over to the food court…Pretty soon, those new shoes will rub blisters on their feet and Achilles’ area and you’ll be looking for the First Aid Booth to get some band-aids to go on your kid’s feet.

(Orchard Hospital's First Aid Station is in Farmer's Hall at the main entrance on Hazel Street).

Be careful about filling their little bellies with a bunch of sugary stuff like cotton candy, ice cream cones and then send them off on those spinny rides, especially in the heat, where they’ll get gooey, and lose their lunch just before the ride stops. (Oh, yeah! The Carnies love that).

Then remember our old friends the mosquitoes will be out at dusk just as everybody is getting in line to get food or ride tickets. Remember, West Nile Virus is still pretty prominent in our area and those pesky old mosquitoes will be looking for victims. Use some mosquito spray with DEET before you come in. Protect your arms and legs. If you do get bit, pay attention for the next couple days and make sure you didn’t get sick. If you do, see your Primary Care Provider. Emergency Room is always open.

We’re going to have a good time at the fair this year. Be safe. Keep those little ones from getting burned. Stay away from those mosquitoes. And have a good time at the Butte County Fair.