With the addition of RehabVisions to Orchard Hospital's Physical Therapy Department, comes the full continuum of Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Language Pathology services.

Chris Collier comes to Gridley from Yuba City with over 20 years experience and appreciates the philosophy of care RehabVisions abides by.

Based in 11 states including California, RehabVisions contracts their services throughout the midwest and Orchard Hospital is the first contract in California to be signed.

Collier feels that it is a good fit for his company in a smaller hospital in a smaller town.

Collier feels that Orchard's Administration understands patient care and clinics and Collier is happy to be pleasantly received by not only the hospital but the community.

“It's about taking care of the patients. My orientation with the company stressed that the patient always comes first,” Collier stated.

Collier enjoys the personal level, direct care he has with his patients when he can listen to their needs and provide care.

“I enjoy providing our skills so the patient understands and can continue to take care of themselves. We give them the knowledge to use at home to prevent further injury,” Collier stated.

Collier said the hospital is highly supportive and supportive of what the therapists are doing believing that this is a good opportunity to branch out and develop services.

“CEO Steve Stark is really open to new ideas, very practical and has helped us develop the best program. Everything is very positive here,” he stated.

Therapists also work with  hospital patients to ready them for when they are ready to go home. The meet with the nursing staff regarding discharge planning and making sure the patients get the highest level of care at home.

“It's nice to have such a level of cooperation at the hospital. Nursing and therapy are supposed to work well together. This is the ideal situation. This hospital has a lot of teamwork, everyone working together. This is a really great hospital,” he stated.

Collier remembers a time back in the 1980's the last time he was at the hospital and stated a lot of big and exciting changes have been made in that time.

Before coming to work in Gridley Collier worked at Country Crest in Oroville and enjoyed his time there.

“I am looking forward to seeing where we can take this program. We give the patients great quality care, one-on-one. We give the individual patients the time they need and that is what I enjoy about my job,” Collier stated.