Before Orchard Hospital could proceed with an extension of Measure C for another 10 years the Cities of Biggs and Gridley were required to approve their cities voting on the parcel tax of $70.

Biggs City Council approved the measure for the residents of Biggs to vote on at their Tuesday night meeting stating it would be up to the voters whether it is approved or not.

The City of Gridley approved the measure on the November ballot at their June 6, 2016 meeting.

CEO Steve Stark told Gridley and Biggs City Council members that when Measure C passed in 2006 the $300,000 raised was the amount the Emergency Department was losing per year. The hospital now reports losing $1 million a year. Stark explained that the hospital serves many Medi-Cal patients and only receive $35 for services, $50 if x-rays are done.

Stark explained that it takes 33 minutes to save a life, in the 33 minutes it would take to drive from Orchard Hospital to Enloe Medical Center in Chico, a person seriously hurt or having a heart attack or stroke could be saved.

"If you are caring for a spouse in a medical emergency, you will thank God that you don't have to drive - or waste those 33 minutes," a brochure provided by Stark stated.

In other matters, Council members voted to approve an amendment to Task order No. 29 Wastewater Treatment Plant Phase 2 project in the amount of $57,865 for design services by Bennett Engineering Services.