Catscan, or CT scans are used to diagnose everything from blood clots, hemorrhages, cysts, tumors and blood disease not to mention infections.

An Open House for the CT is being held Tuesday, May 17 in conjunction with the first Farmers Market to be held in front of the hospital from 5 to 8 p.m.

With the recent addition of a 64 slice CT Scanner at Orchard Hospital, the same scanner used in all area hospitals, it is possible to now perform screenings for early detection of lung cancer along with virtual colonoscopies for the non-invasive detection of pre-cancerous polyps and colon cancer.

“Offering a state-of-the-art 64 slice CT scanner for our patients means faster and safer scans for our patients. This type of advanced equipment is normally only found in larger, urban hospitals. It also allows our physicians to get a clearer and more accurate picture to quickly diagnose and treat an illness,” CEO Steve Stark stated.

The speed and coverage of the new 64 slice scanner means quicker results in diagnosing at earlier stages without invasive surgery previously required for a diagnosis.

Of course earlier diagnosis means the chance of better outcomes.

The Farmers Market will include vendors, baked items, cooking demonstrations, produce and the Hospital Foundation is holding a Nacho Bar Fund Raiser for area high school scholarships for those going into the medical field.