Vitros 5600 made by Ortho Diagnostics, was delivered Friday to the Orchard Hospital lab department. The hospital's current machine uses 40,000 gallons of water a year to run, this new replacement is a waterless system that will be saving the hospital and the city.

The machine is owned by Ortho and the hospital has a reagent rental agreement, which means that the hospital only pays for supplies that are used. Colleen McGill Lab Manager, commends Jill Wasche Director of Quality and Cardiopulmonary, for all of her contract negotiations and paper work to make sure that Orchard Hospital would have this wonderful new Lab equipment.

This vital lab equipment does all the chemistry test and immunodiagnostics chemistry test. That means all of your glucose test, thyroid, pregnancy test, cardiac, vitamin D, PSA, anemia, diabetes testing, and more can all be processed in house.

Orchard Hospital Lab Department is opened from Monday-Friday 7 a.m., - 5:30 p.m., or the Medical Specialty Center has a lab draw station and is open from Monday- Friday 7 a.m., -5:30 p.m.