A rash of reports of mail being stolen out of rural mailboxes has kept law enforcement busy from the Buttes in Sutter County to Highway 70 in Butte County and beyond the past few months, but the weekend break-in at Live Oak's Post Office gives real concern.

The entrance was open 24 hours for customer's convenience but is now open just 7 a.m., to 6 p.m., until further notice.

Thieves broke into several customer's post office boxes late Saturday or early Sunday morning, a federal offense.

Lt. James Casner of the Sutter County Sheriff's Department stated on Monday that there were a large amount of boxes damaged but there had been no indication that any mail was stolen so far.

A total of 148 postal boxes were broken into, damaging the older boxes dating back to 1956.

Deputy Philip Lindblad of the Sutter County Sheriff's Department recommends customers watching their credit to prevent being a victim of identity theft. Call the Sutter County Sheriff's Department at 822-7307.

Please call the US Postal Service 24 hour line 877-876-2455 if you have any information about the burglary.

The felony break-in is under investigation by US Postal Inspectors who are federal agents.