As a sophomore at Gridley High School young Tracie Brown fought a valiant fight against cancer but sadly succumbed to the disease in 1998 but not before instilling a long-lasting heartfelt cause for young children.

“Tracie Bears” is the collection of stuffed animals for small children who may be going through a trying time and the Gridley Interact Club has taken this project on this year with the collection of stuffed animals for children visiting Orchard Hospital.

The stuffed animals are given to small patients to ease their minds and try to make the visit a “bearable” one.

As one employee explained, nurses have been known to give a stuffed animal an IV so that the child can see first hand what is in store for them.

Interact Club is sponsored by the Gridley Rotary Club and has been active in the community the past four years.

Members visited Orchard Hospital last week to drop off animals and collection boxes to gather more.