The Orchard Hospital Auxiliary is searching for volunteers. The Auxiliary does many things to help our local hospital –not only manning the desk in the gift shop, but also visiting patients who may not have family in the area and appreciate friendly visits in their otherwise sometimes lonely lives. Members work on many money- raising projects, and some of those projects could use the help of strong younger bodies and creative younger minds.

Membership is not limited to those who are retired; many volunteers work at the hospital only two hours a month and there are some jobs which can be carried out evenings or weekends. Membership is not limited to women; patients sometimes relate more easily to men, who may remind them of sons far away.

Over the years the former “Pink Ladies” have been perceived as an “older” group. Those “older ladies” are still “manning the fort”, but the number of members is decreasing and they could use some help from younger members of the community. If you have as few as two hours a month available please consider volunteering your time. The hospital is for all of us and everyone, of whatever age, has something they can contribute. If you would like to help please contact President Sharon Sannar (846-5573) or leave your name at the hospital gift shop.