Daniel Curiel graduated June 15, 2014 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from UC Davis.

Curiel was presented with the UC Davis College of Biological
Sciences Medal for 2014 – the college's highest honor recognizing academic achievement, leadership and community service.

Curiel feels he was given the privilege to complete the following: Pre-Medical Surgical Internship mentorship program at the UC Davis Department of Surgery; Urban and Rural Comparative Health Program in Ecuador; Phi Sigma Honor Society President 2013-2014 and working in a homeless shelter as part of the UC Davis Internship Program.

He will work with Dr. Kermit Carraway in the UC Davis Medical Center Breast Cancer Research Program this summer and is applying for medical school.

Curiel had many experiences while in Ecuador for physician shadowing and clinical observation. While there, he spent two weeks rotating in clinics and hospitals in Quito, the capital city and two weeks in a government hospital in the rural coastal town of Chone. He shadowed surgeons and physicians during their clinic hours, surgery with burn, orthopedic and reconstructive patients; rounds, lectures and helped deliver vaccines to low income children.

Curiel also attended Spanish medical terminology classes, spoke Spanish exclusively with doctors and patients. He received direct instruction from doctors in performing a physical examination and assisted with instruments during surgery and laceration repair.

“Through this program, I adapted to the challenges of being on my own, and found that my motivation to become a doctor comes from the fulfillment of examining and speaking with patients,” Curiel stated.

“By witnessing untreated conditions that had turned life threatening, I first saw the vital role of preventive medicine. A physician instructed me in listening to heart and lung sounds in palpating the abdomen of patients who waited all day in a crowded, un-air conditioned hospital for a chance to be examined.”

Honors and awards given to Curiel while at  Butte College and UC Davis  include:

Eric Conn Undergraduate Award in Biochemistry 2014 which is awarded to just  one outstanding undergraduate student in recognition of outstanding research and academic achievement; Department Citation UC Davis College of Biological Sciences 2014; Monsanto Fund Scholarship 2012-2014; $10,000 award for two consecutive years; Gallagher Koster Health Careers Scholarship 2012; One of six students selected nationally, honored at a banquet in Boston, MA; outstanding achievement in Organic Chemistry 2012 and Outstanding Chemistry Student 2010.

Daniel is the son of Ignacio and Maclovia Curiel of Gridley. He completed grades K-12 through Heartstone Charter School and was always interested in the medical field according to his mom.

The Curiel's have a daughter Mayra Varrosa and are helping to raise a four-year-old nephew Damian.

Daniel's mom remembers that when her husband needed injections at home, Daniel was the only one who could give them to him.

He enjoys playing the guitar and piano besides working out and reading. As a young child he enjoyed reading many of the classics.

Maclovia stated, “I am thankful to God for the opportunities he has given my son. Our family is blessed.”