It takes a lot of work to even begin a huge renovation of a hospital Emergency Department but the changes have started with the new location for the ambulance trailer where the EMT's stay in between calls.

The trailer that was located on the west side of Orchard Hospital now sits on the north side near the billing office near where the lifeflight helicopters land to transport patients when necessary.

Another part of the pre-work is done in the back – that of the new transformer to power the CT trailer connection. The CT trailer will be moved to the back parking lot to make room for the new Emergency Department that is expected to begin this summer.

The City of Gridley played a big part in the renovations by deferring the payment of approximately $101,946.90 for the work to upgrade the power capability until the end of the construction.

This support enabled the hospital to keep cash reserves required to fund their current operations and pay for the project out of funds received for the construction at that time.

The new Emergency Department will include six trauma rooms and two triage rooms with its own entranceway for more private access even less wait time between arrival and discharge.

A separate registration area and new nursing station will be part of the new ER to enhance the patient work flow process.

The new ER will have an additional 6,386 square feet at the front of the hospital which will take on a whole new look with a ramp to the west side making it much more accessible from both sides of the hospital.

An average of 800 people visit the ER each month and this number will grow with the new ER. The ER is staffed 24/7 with at least two nurses and one doctor present at all times.

The current average in and out time in the ER is less than 2.5 hours when other ER's take at least four hours for a patient to even be seen.

The next chapter in this renovation, the official Phase I will be the new canopy across the front of the hospital set to start soon.