The Gridley United Methodist Church has joined Orchard Hospital social worker Francis Cole-Boyd in the Cuddles for Kids program. For six months, Ms Cole-Boyd had been rounding up stuffed animals to give to children in the emergency room, when they were needed. For around six months, she was going out to yard sales or other places to get the stuffed animals for the children. The Gridley United Methodist Church, while checking on another project, heard what was being done and asked Ms. Cole-Boyd if she would mind if church members stepped in to help. A new partnership was born. The stuffed animals help calm the children down as they are getting shots or blood taken, or anything else that upsets them. The staff has said how much it helps to calm the child when they have that animal to hold and cuddle. The program goes through about 10 to 15 animals per month on the average. It is a program called Cuddles for Kids. Church members enjoy taking the animals to the hospital knowing they will help some child in a time of stress. If anyone would like to help with this program they can call Rose Conklin at 846-4949.