The introduction and first reading of the rezoning of approximately 41 acres  was delayed  by the Gridley City Council May 1, 2017  consisting of 14 parcels located on the west side of Highway 99, known as the Wheeler property, across from Obermeyer Avenue.

The ordinance will change from Limited Industrial (M-1) and Heavy Industrial (M-2) to General Commercial Mixed Use.

City Planner Donna Decker told council members City staff fully supports amending the General Plan for the property that is south of Stuke Nursery and north of West Liberty Road.

Real Estate Broker Ed Becker was in attendance and Decker stated the next step would be to meet with property owners. Becker has represented the property nearly 10 years and asked for mixed use zoning.

"That 52 acres (?) is the best piece of property on Highway 99, maybe the north end of  Highway 99, but this is a very attractive piece. I am hoping for zoning that allows mixed use," Becker told Council members.

When the City Council adopted the 2030 General Plan it split residential and commercial 1 apart. Prior to two years ago when the General Plan was adopted it was conforming.

The proposed General Plan land use designation would change from Industrial to Commercial and the zoning would be changed from Light and Heavy Industrial (M-1) & (M-2) to General Commercial/Mixed Use (C-2/MUCZ).

Decker explained the purpose of the code amendments was to make sure the zoning plan is consistent with the General Plan which is State law.

"Uses that were possible before no longer are," she explained.

Decker told Council members she would bring the item back in two weeks, once she has met with the owners for modification that will cover the uses requested.

"This act tonight would not take affect for 45 days. I will be working with property owners," she explained.

"We have the existing ordinance for mixed use. Next we will identify uses permitted," Decker said.

Vice Mayor Bruce Johnson asked that the matter be brought back for consideration.

"I would like to have you come back with what is requested and vote at the next meeting (May 15) rather than do it tonight with changes and have the second reading June 15," he stated.