As the City of Biggs approaches its 115th Anniversary observation on Tuesday, August 7 at the Biggs Family Park in conjunction with National Night Out starting at 6 p.m., it has been fun to go back through The Gridley Herald archives looking for bits of history from the beginning.

In the January 17, 1933 Gridley Herald it was reported that Dr. Buchanan Caldwell, a practicing physician in Biggs for the past 52 years, died at his home at 4:45 o'clock Sunday morning, following an illness which became apparent last July. Dr. Caldwell was widely known throughout the county, both through his professional and political affiliation. He was Butte County Health Officer from 1900 to 1910 and at the time of his death was completing the eighth year of a second period in the office starting in 1924. For many years he has been chairman of the Butte County Democratic Central Committee.

Dr. Caldwell, one of a family of ten children is survived by his wife Mrs. Grace Caldwell and two sisters, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Arnwine, both of the state of Tennessee,

In the March 3, 1933 Gridley Herald it was announced, "Mrs. Lea Ross, owner of the Home Cafe, has leased Hotel Colonia from Mrs. W.M. Doty, owner of the building. Mrs. Ross plans to move in as soon as the lobby, dining room and kitchen are renovated by D.H. Kaler and Son. Mrs. Ross operated the hotel and dining room from 1918 to 1920. She plans to close the cafe and open the hotel and dining room."