On March 4, 2016 Butte County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) received information that an adult female had been kidnapped related to illegal marijuana activity in Butte County.

BCSO Deputies gathered information and determined that the victim and her assailants were at McDonalds in Gridley. BCSO immediately advised Gridley Police Department (GPD) of the circumstances. GPD Officers responded to the Gridley McDonalds and detained Demetrius Cortez Elliott until BCSO deputies arrived to place him under arrest for kidnapping and using a firearm during the kidnapping. Elliott received an enhanced sentence due to prior violent felony convictions. Elliott is currently serving a 29 year sentence in State Prison.

The investigation into this incident continued, and BCSO Detectives determined that Antonio Martez Woodard was the ring leader in a conspiracy related to the kidnapping and potential marijuana robbery. Woodard fled from California to a residence in North Carolina where he absconded from authorities.

BCSO Detectives obtained a Felony Arrest Warrant for Woodard, which led to Woodard being arrested once in North Carolina and a second time in Oregon. Both times, Woodard posted bail and was released.

Woodard was recently arrested in North Carolina on kidnapping charges, and brought back to Butte County. Woodard was convicted in a jury trial and on May 9, 2018, was sentenced to 13 years 4 months in state prison for kidnapping, first degree residential burglary and a firearms enhancement due to the fact that a firearm was used during the kidnapping and burglary. Woodard received the maximum sentence allowed by law.

BCSO would like to thank GPD and the many citizens who assisted the investigation by providing information.