Gridley local Cole Squires is currently co-developing an independent film starring individuals on the autism spectrum. The protagonist is a child with autism temporarily lost in the woods, who passes the time there with imaginary adventures involving thinly-veiled introspection. Squires states that "part of what we are trying to accomplish with the film is to spread the message that variety is beauty....that everybody experiences life differently and that uniqueness of mind is something to be celebrated. In keeping with that message, the majority of the roles that we have thus far cast are being filled by individuals on the autism spectrum. Several of them are first-time actors who dream of doing it full-time. Unfortunately, because of the inability to look past differences, they aren't afforded many opportunities in the film industry."

He is attempting to fund the production of this project through crowdfunding. With 7 days left on the campaign, they are only at 32% funding and looking for any help the community would be willing to give for this worth-while opportunity. You can help donate at or visit their Facebook page for more information at https;//