It’s been a sign of the times these past few years: In addition to fire drills and earthquake drills, schools have had to incorporate lockdown drills into their training regimen.

The drills train both staff and students on what to do if an intruder breaches the building.

Jack Storne, a 24-year veteran of the Butte County Sheriff’s Office, has been doing the training for awhile now … at least the past 10 years.

Recently, Storne brought his training to Manzanita Elementary School, where he presented the staff there with a day of classroom instruction on procedures for handling an active shooter situation were it to arise.

Of course, Storne said, it’s hoped that the training will never have to be used.

“But we want the staff to have this information,” Storne said.

The training features information on how to protect the students in classrooms, something called “sheltering in place.”

Storne said there’s also a chance for staff to share their own ideas for enhancing security at their school.

Storne said there will be some follow-up hands-on training at Manzanita in the near future, to give the classroom training a real-world feeling.