Gridley-Biggs Police Detective Alberto Rodriguez just celebrated his eighth year working with the department.

And this year’s anniversary will be kind of a special one: Rodriguez was recently named the department’s Officer of the Year.

It’s a coveted honor within the department, and one that Rodriguez was honored and humbled to receive.

In addition to patrol duties, Rodriguez took on additional responsibilities in the past year as the department’s lead detective.

Gridley-Biggs Police Chief Dean Price said Rodriguez’s work helping with the investigation of the Aly Yeoman missing persons case last year showed he was a good investigator. He was the department’s lead investigator on the case, which ended up being taken over by Sutter County and eventually closed as an accidental drowning death.

“He’s done some impressive work for us,” Price said. “He’s done a lot of things in our department.”

Rodriguez took over the detective duties in January.

Some of those things have included serving as a school resource officer and a gang officer, in addition to his patrol duties.

Rodriguez grew up in Oroville and graduated from Las Plumas High School in 2005. He and wife Monica met in high school and still live in Oroville. He attended Butte College’s police academy program and also earned an associate’s degree in criminal justice.

He’s enjoying learning about the investigative side of the job, adding those abilities to his skill set.

Rodriguez is proud that he was able to help clear a recent hit-and-run fatality in Gridley.

“I got to spend a lot of time with the family, and it was nice to help bring them some closure,” Rodriguez said.

Being able to call the victim’s son with the news that the person who killed their mother had been arrested was a good feeling, Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez enjoys the variety of the job, as well as the daily opportunity it offers to help others and make a difference.

“I enjoy working different kinds of cases,” Rodriguez said. “Every day’s different.”