Gridley Unified School Board members voted April 25, 2018 to eliminate two classified positions, Cafeteria Clerk I and Cafeteria Clerk II due to lack of work. The fiscal impact noted on the staff report stated the elimination of the two positions is necessary for the district to staff in accordance with the workload. "Maintaining the current hours will have a negative impact on the 2018/19 and subsequent budgets," the report states.

CSEA President Debbie Wood told board members there will be an impact on the cafeteria next school year with the free meals being offered to all children.

"Staff and teachers will still need to purchase milk, etc. With more kids in the cafeteria it will take more time to clean up after having over 600 people eating there per day," Wood stated.

Wood explained she had just received an MOU from CSEA and had not had a chance to read it yet.

"I have not had a chance to read the MOU and discuss it with the members affected to see if they want to sign the MOU. I hope to settle this amicably with the board. We want to make sure how more students can be served which means more work, not less," she stated.

An informational item on the agenda was the review of a dual enrollment and the College and Careers Pathways Partnership (CCPA) with Butte College. This program would be a way for students to explore college level material and receive credits prior to attendance at the college. "This will hopefully reduce non-academic course work periods by on-track students and allow for accruing college level credit prior to attendance," the report submitted to board members read.

Once approved the agreement would begin July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2021, unless terminated earlier in accordance with the CCAP agreement.

Superintendent Jordan Reeves presented a resolution recognizing the appreciation to staff of GUSD which was read by board member Lena Sannar declaring May 14-18 Staff Appreciation Week.

The board approved a bid for site work at Wilson Elementary School for the installation of the new portable buildings this summer. Chris McIntire presented three bids with the lowest being $490,000 from McCuen Construction for the installation of the portables to be in place by August 22, 2018.

Interim Sycamore School Principal Kathy Wheeler asked for the replacement of boys and girls lockers in the amount of $35,000 as the current ones are in disrepair and needing to be replaced. The board approved the replacement.

The addition of a full time school counselor for the 2018-2019 school year was approved by the board.

Representing the Gridley Elementary Schools PTA, Bobbi Zunino expressed the groups concern for the safety of students and staff with out of control students who are left in the office until the police arrive.

"Students are left in the office for staff to watch which is actually illegal for classified staff to do according to the education code. This should fall to administration and peace officers. We are concerned how to keep everybody safe," she stated. "We do have other students there and need to keep them out of danger."

On April 9, 2018, Gridley-Biggs Police Officers responded to an out of control student at Wilson Elementary School.