On Monday, April 23, 2018, Gridley High School FFA member Lance Santerre was recognized as The Outdoor Recreation Proficiency Award winner at the 90th California FFA Leadership Conference in Anaheim, California. More than 7,000 students cheered as Santerre accepted the award. The Outdoor Recreation Proficiency Award was sponsored by Almond Board of California.

Lance is a junior and for the past three years, he has provided management and maintenance to improve habitat of waterfowl and wildlife at Upper Valley Ranch. Lance plans to continue his education in the area of wildlife/biological engineering with a concentration on the protection and management of wildlife populations and habitat.

The Outdoor Recreation Proficiency Award focuses on outdoor recreation activities as the primary land use and honors students who have done activities that are best suited for family use or are income-producing enterprises. These include vacation cabins and cottages, camping areas, fishing, hunting, shooting preserves, guide services, riding stables, vacation farms and guest ranches, natural scenic or historic areas and rodeo events.