There’s a new team in town at Gridley High School.

With the assistance of Principal Justin Kern and others, a new clayshooting team has been practicing and gets officially under way with a practice competition this week, followed by the real thing next week.

Kern said the new team already has 15 members, including several girls.

One of those girls is senior Karli Martin.

Marrtin, before a recent practice, said she grew up around guns and shooting, so joining the team seemed like the natural thing to do.

Martin said she’s always been a competitive person, so she’s looking forward to the competitions.

And she had a chance to prove her skills to some of her somewhat skeptical male teammates at the team’s first practice.

“I hit my first target,” Martin said with a smile.

Martin said she is enjoying not only the shooting and competition, but also making new friends and learning new things.

And one competitor for the Bulldogs will be a very familiar foe: Sutter, which is a big rival for Gridley in pretty much everything high school kids can compete against each other in.

Competitions for the Gridley High School clayshooting team are held at Coon Creek.