Live Oak Mayor Aleksandar Tica, in office just since January of this year, may have to face the voters again earlier than planned.

Several Live Oak residents, unhappy with the city’s handling of proposed water and sewer rate increases, are spearheading an effort to recall Tica. If the effort succeeds, Tica will be on the ballot again this November.

Rick Dais and JR Thiara of Live Oak are putting together the recall petition, which alleges that Tica demonstrates “lack of professional maturity and leadership for effectively carrying out his duties and responsibilities.”

The petition further asserts that Tica “arbitrarily and unknowingly extends public comment time limits for individuals who advocate uncontested topics, while ‘limiting time’ of law-abiding citizens who address complex issues affecting the city/citizens.”

Dais said the recall effort is not a personal attack against Tica.

Earlier this week, Tica said he had been made aware of the recall effort and was gathering more information about it.

“We’re having to make some tough decisions,” Tica said. He questioned why the effort is focused on him specifically.

If Tica ends up having to face recall, he won’t be alone in facing the voters of Live Oak: Three other Live Oak City Council positions are on the ballot this November.

Vice Mayor Diane Hodges and Council members Jason Banks and Steve Alvarado are up for re-election.